The first book of the SZÓBESZÉD series has been produced keeping in mind the needs of adults and families living in Hungary and learning Hungarian.

It makes cultural and lingual integration easier, accelerates the process of social assimilation and gives an immediate sense of success during everyday communication.

The unique aspect of the book is that we have built QR codes in with the most crucial sections of each chapter, which enables the student fast and easy access to additional exercises to practice and deepen their knowledge.

  • Hungarian language delivery with simple sociolinguistics expressions and panels
  • Focuses on communication and everyday language use
  • Entertaining, creative exercises types
  • Utilizes the latest language teaching methods and research
  • Facilitates social integration with local references
  • Audio CD included
  • Supplement fluency exercises for each chapter
  • Notes and short reviews to assist learning
  • Comprehensive grammar and vocabulary summaries at the end of each chapter
  • Alphabetical glossary
  • Downloadable continuously updated knowledge base online


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